​Steven D. Snyder


The Cartoon Series & Action Figure Lineup

On earth, in the year 2188, a colony of deep-sea explorers, researchers, scientists and military personnel are sent to explore and map out the Mariana Trench - The deepest part of the ocean on the entire planet earth.

A rogue terrorist group known as “The Bad Guys” tried to hijack a giant submarine vessel and steal the nuclear reactor that powers it. During the ruckus, the reactor is broken and radiation leaks out of out of it, causing all of the people onboard the giant submarine, in the sea base below and the other under water vessels to morph into various sea animals and fish, thus becoming humanoid sea animal chimeras.

“The Bad Guys” now defeated, took several of the vessels and retreated to the Mariana Trench in an abandoned old, pirate ship to plot their attack back at the explorers, researchers, military personnel and scientists- now known as, “The Sea Heroes.”

10 Years Later...…

The Bad Guys, now living deep in the Mariana Trench plot, scheme and are always searching for ways to destroy the people on earth, the ocean and The Sea Heroes. Meanwhile, The Sea Heroes decided to live in the underwater base to stop The Bad Guys from destroying the planet and the oceans.