​Steven D. Snyder

Original Intellectual Property Projects


Meme- Documentary (Director & Producer) 2022

Found Him- Comedy Short (Co-Director & Co-Producer) 2020

The Giant Steel Wall Part 2: The Sequel - TV Pilot (Director & Producer) 2014
The Giant Steel Wall- Documentary (Director & Producer) 2012
The Darkness of Improvisation- Horror Short (Director) 2011
The Decision of Stanley Robert Killowaski- Thriller Short (Director) 2010
The Harry Search- Comedy Short (Director) 2009


The Kingdom of Ruin- Hour Drama Series (Co-Creator) 2021

The Grid- Hour Drama Series (Creator) 2021

Flat Steve – Feature Dramedy (Creator) 2018
Sea Heroes- Half Hour Cartoon Series (Creator) 2018 CLICK HERE to view Agila Custom Action Figures
Dr. Death- Hour Drama Series (Creator) 2018
Four- Hour Drama Series (Creator) 2018
Carmates- Half Hour Comedy Series (Co-Creator) 2016
Pledged- Reality Comedy Series (Co-Creator) 2016
Workout Guys- Hour Drama Series (Co-Creator) 2016
Lawbreakers- Reality Comedy Series (Co-Creator) 2016
Perfectville- Half Hour Cartoon Comedy Series (Creator) 2015
The 3rd Space- Hour Horror Series (Creator) 2015

Psi Chi National Psychology Honor Society, Member
Delta Epsilon Iota National Honor Society, Member
American Psychological Association, Member
Phi Alpha Literary Society, Member

Acting Experience


Meme- Lead

Found Him- Lead

Assassin 33 A.D. -Supporting
Crazy, Stupid, Love- Featured
The Giant Steel Wall- Starring
Vampie- Co-Star
I Am Number Four- Featured
The Wonder Girls Movie- Co-Star
White T- Co-Star
Legally Blonde 2- Featured


To Tell the Truth- Self

Extant Co-Star
Sweat Co-Star
Face/Off- Self
ICarly- Co-Star
90210- Featured
Killer Karaoke- Featured
Hostage: Do or Die- Featured
So Random!- Co-Star
Femme Fatales- Featured
CSI- Featured
The Mentalist- Co-Star
Community- Featured
The Forgotten- Featured
National Lampoons Greek Games- Self

The Comedy Store
Rick Bronson's House of Comedy
Improv Comedy Troupe LA Connection
The Funny Bone

Stages of AIDS
Dinner with the Mafia
Romeo and Juliet
Leader of the Pack