is Hollywood's Official big, tall & bald ActorAngry Comedian, Filmmaker & Writer

Steven has 16 years of entertainment industry experience. He regularly performs stand-up comedy & improv while producing his online comedy radio show.  Steven has been in such films as The Wonder Girls Movie, White T, Vampie & Crazy, Stupid Love      

He has appeared in such television shows as iCarly, Killer Karaoke, Face/Off, Hostage: Do or Die, 90210, So Random!
Community &
 National Lampoon's Greek Games.

He was the featured lead character '
Darius Mason' in the hit video game, 
Red Faction: Armageddon

He is currently President & co-founder of the creative entertainment company, 
Happy Man Can

You can visit his IMDB page by clicking HERE

Steven is responsible and trained in firearms, handgun safety
and training from the LAX Firing Range.

Some of Steven's best headshots have come from the very talented photographer, Marcus T. Thomas from
 mtt Photography in Sherman Oaks, CA.

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Official SAG and AFTRA Member